All requests are authenticated using the apiKey associated with your Wave account and specific app integration.

For example, if an integration with TinyMCE is created through the Dashboard, a Wave apiKey will be generated specifically for this integration; another integration with a different app, Zendesk for example, will create a different apiKey.

You can manage your integrations and API keys in the Dashboard.

Your API key is automatically set for some integrations, such as Zendesk. For other integrations, like TinyMCE, you will need to assign it to a configuration object. Please refer to specific integration documentation for more details.


Wave integration for TinyMCE enables real-time co-editing directly inside the TinyMCE editor.

To get started, enable the Wave plugin in the TinyMCE external_plugins object by adding an entry for the wave. Then, to start a co-editing session, supply a Wave configuration object to the plugin. The minimal required attributes for this configuration object are docId, username and apiKey, which are explained below.

You can use the demo API key 7bdf58a1-e722-4868-bee9-b7e7c65a09b6 without a Wave account. It can be used to enable co-editing sessions with two users per session and 100 sessions per month. To support more users per collaboration session, please sign up for an account.

Note: if you do not specify an apiKey in the Wave configuration object, we will supply the demo API key by default.

For general information about TinyMCE plugins, please click here.

TinyMCE Configuration

string Wave TinyMCE Plugin URL
string A configuration object for the Wave TinyMCE Plugin

Wave Configuration

string The globally unique id for the document. For a content management service, this would normally be the id when the document is first created.
string The name of the user joining the co-editing session. For a content management service, this should be set for each logged-in user based on their crendentials. This name will be displayed during real-time co-editing.
string The API key for the TinyMCE integration in your Wave account.
  var waveConfig = {
    docId: "docId", 
    username: "Joe Smith", 
    apiKey: "7bdf58a1-e722-4868-bee9-b7e7c65a09b6" //demo API Key
    external_plugins: {
      wave: ""
    wave: waveConfig