Instant Real-time Coediting in Zendesk Wordpress Tinymce

Codox Wave helps your team work together like Google Docs but with the applications and services you already use. And it takes just minutes to get started.

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Handle tickets faster with real-time collaboration inside your help desk

Empower your agents with real-time coediting to provide faster and better support to your customers. Agents can iterate on responses at the same-time as a team. Say goodbye to collisions and duplicated responses!

Create content together inside WordPress just like Google Docs

Supercharge WordPress with real-time co-editing. Codox Wave brings your writers, editors on the same page, help them see each other's edits instantly, and allow them to provide instant feedback. Create better content today and say goodbye inconsistent versions and emails!

No need to migrate your data

Keep your data secured where you trust; there is no need to migrate data to our servers to enjoy coediting!

Support WYSIWYG rich-text

Support multiple users to work simultaneously in rich-text with character-by-character updates.

Easy integration

Get Google-docs like real-time co-editing in your app in ~10 lines of code.

Wave + Tinymce

Real-time rich-text co-editing wherever you need it

Add real-time co-editing to your site or app that uses Tinymce. Codox Wave real-time API works out of the box to help you tap into this capability wherever you need it.

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